Fit and Fab: A Healthier Lifestyle Made Simpler with Fitness Holidays

The dynamics of keeping to a healthy fitness regime are just the same as any other habits that you want to acquire. Breaking a habit that is deemed wrong takes time, and this is also true for acquiring a positive one. Research has been done on the topic of habit, and it reveals that if you want to set off on a path of alternative behaviour patterns, then on average, the magic figure is 66 days. This means that to get into a fitness regime that is habitual, you will need this length of time for it to become part of your lifestyle.

Setting fitness goals that are achievable is very important but from a psychological point of view, so is rewarding oneself for achieving them. If you are attempting to lose weight, obviously a reward of a huge tub of ice cream is inappropriate, but making a list of healthy rewards will help keep you on the right path.

A terrific way to enable you to maintain focus is to write down a list of anything that you think may prevent you from achieving your fitness goals. Once you have committed to paper, it is much easier to avoid setbacks. A good example would be holidays, where we all indulge ourselves. If you know this to be a temptation then maybe fitness holidays should be considered.

No matter how much you put into working out, it will not be as effective without a healthy diet. A healthy or balanced eating regime will give your body all of the nutrition it needs to function properly at work, home and when you are doing a rigorous workout. It is important to get the correct amount of balanced nutrition, and your diet must include proteins, whole grains, fresh vegetables, fruit and carbohydrates.