Return to Basics: Wild Eating is the Highlight of Fitness Holidays

The food of our ancestors had a natural development path; it simply evolved with what sources were available at the time. Our predecessors were masters at adaptation and as different sources of food and new tools were developed, so did the food that they ate and the way in which they prepared it.

Heating and cooking has been around for millions of years, but the new ‘busy’ lifestyle that we all live has left everyone looking for the quickest and easiest ways to eat as opposed to the healthiest and tastiest ones.

What Today’s Food Contains

Our food today is often heavily processed and full of additives or sugars, the kind of food that our prehistoric ancestors would have eaten was far simpler, tastier and healthier. They probably would have eaten a larger volume of food, but with far fewer calories and a lot more positive health effects.

Natural and Evolutionary Diet

Our ‘evolutionary diet’ would have consisted of fruit, vegetables, meat, nuts, pulses, and fish. Our ancestors wouldn’t have suffered from obesity, bad skin and digestion issues half as much as we do nowadays as they kept their diet simple, healthy and free from dairy, artificial additives, heavily processed foods, and overly energy dense foods. Wild eating diets are often the highlight of fitness holidays, and the main idea is to go back to this style of food in a diet which compliments any fitness regime.

Reverting to wild foods help produce the perfect hormonal state that allows the body to be naturally lean, along with promoting stronger bodies. Wild foods also help curb your cravings, thus helping you avoid overeating. With all these benefits, munching on wild foods is something to look forward to in fitness holidays.