Why Scotland is among the Perfect Destinations for a Wellbeing Retreat

As a way to reintroduce a healthy lifestyle to people, wellbeing retreats are often done in wild spots, be it in the jungles of Africa or in the forests of Crete. There are, however, wild spots closer to home yet far enough from the city. Among them is the eye-catching wilderness of Scotland.

 A Spot of Nature

Other than its rich culture and iconic castles, Scotland is also known for being a land of mountain wildernesses. Here, you can find an abundance of majestic mountains, mysterious lochs, and a magnificent glowing landscape overall.

Such a wild spot also has its own share of nature’s obstacles, including rocks, plants, and the like. This is why a lot of people choose to take a hike in the wilderness of Scotland, particularly in Alladale.

Considered to be the largest wilderness reserve, Alladale is a private mountain glen with lots of exciting activities to offer. Other than climbing mountains and exploring forests, you can also spot wild animals roaming freely. A wild terrain and an equally wild fauna make Alladale a great spot for a wellbeing retreat.

Fitness in the Wild

Other than the gym, everyone can find a better appreciation for their health out in the wilderness of Scotland. Here, you can find paths and mountains to test and improve your physical strength. Being one with nature also brings you closer to healthier food, which you can then incorporate into your diet long after the retreat is over.

As you’re far from all the distractions of the city, you can finally focus on improving your wellbeing and staying in shape. Bask in the beauty of Scotland’s wilderness, make the most out of nature’s playground, and your wellbeing retreat will be worth it in the end.


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