Three Relaxation Activities to Try on Your Next Wellbeing Retreat

To get away from the stress of everyday life, many people seek to spend some time off just for much needed rest and relaxation. One best ways to do that, and perhaps even the fastest growing healthy living trend today is going on a wellbeing retreat. Wellbeing retreats can vary based on a participant’s goals, needs or even level of fitness. If you are looking to sit back and relax, however, you might want to make sure to try these three soothing activities on your retreat.


Whilst swimming is mostly considered as an exercise, isn’t just great for keeping in shape. It can also help make you feel more relaxed. The water has a pleasant cooling effect particularly if you spent all day doing strenuous activities or outside where it’s hot, and taking a dip can also alleviate stress. Still, swimming is a light, relaxed form of workout where you don’t have to sweat. You get to keep your heart rate up, build up muscle and keep the weight off, all without stressing yourself out.


What better way to work the stress out of your body than through a nice massage? When you are stressed your muscle tissue tend to get “knots” in them, and these could make a person very uncomfortable. Through massage, a therapist can help get the muscles to release the muscle whilst bringing down the stress levels as well. Some retreat locations have spa facilities you can take advantage of after a workout session or just to pamper yourself over the weekend before you go back to work on a Monday.


The location of your retreat also helps create a relaxed atmosphere which is why many choose to book the more remote and exotic places. It’s really easy to tune out your worries if you are in a place that is detached from your normal life. The best way to get in touch with nature is through meditation. Meditation has a host of benefits such as lowering high blood pressure, boosting the immune system and reducing anxiety levels.


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