Going on Fitness Holidays and 3 Other Health Trends to Try This 2016

As more people realise the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle despite their busy schedules, more fitness trends to try are conveniently thought up. Much to the relief of those just getting on the bandwagon, these trends make it quite easy to keep up. Here are four of the top fitness trends to try this year.

Eating Clean

Clean eating isn’t exactly an entirely new concept but it has become even more popular nowadays. Basically, those who “eat clean” only stick to unprocessed, whole, and therefore healthy food. Nutritionists believe that by following a strict diet can maximise one’s energy and optimises overall health. You will do better by simply cutting processed food from your diet.


This next trend follows the same thought that watching what you eat is an essential element in staying in shape. Herbs may be more widely known for their medicinal properties but they can also be effective when properly incorporated in your daily diet. These herbs, aptly referred to as “superherbs”, are also high nutritional content. Some examples of great superherbs include chaga mushrooms, horsetail, and reishi.

Fitness Apps

Modern technology also makes it easier to keep track of your progress. Using just your phone, you can practically find out just how much calories you have to burn after eating a heavy lunch, how many miles you jogged or even the most effective exercises to achieve your goal.

Fitness Holidays

Taking a break from your day job doesn’t mean you should slack off with your fitness routine. It seems, however, that many holidaymakers are in this same mindset as fitness holidays get more popular. These kinds of holidays are the best ones to take if you want a perfect balance between chilling out and working out. For example, you can go to a place for an exotic outdoor experience whilst also channelling your inner yogi.


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