Fitness Holidays: Work and Play Whilst Keeping Fit

How can you get a body workout during a vacation?

That’s the first question on the mind of most health-conscious people. You want to do this because exercise is good for you, and continuing to do it, even when you’re on vacation, maximises its benefits. Continue reading “Fitness Holidays: Work and Play Whilst Keeping Fit”


A Week Can Get You Fit: What to Expect from Fitness Holidays

How do fitness holidays differ from your ordinary holiday? Fitness holidays offer a variety of excellent activities and fun experiences compared to conventional holidays. Fitness retreats are perfect when looking to get a leaner and stronger body. These retreats vary in intensity and duration. A week is an ideal duration period for a fitness retreat to have optimum impact. Of course, the combination of activities will also vary greatly. For five days, you can engage in vigorous workouts that will cater to every aspect of the body. Continue reading “A Week Can Get You Fit: What to Expect from Fitness Holidays”

A Break from Routine Needn’t Mean a Break from Your Fitness Holidays

The holidays are often a time when our healthy lifestyle goes out of the window. Sometimes this is a conscious choice, as we relax on a beach rather than exercising, and indulge in treats like ice cream and local dishes. At other times, we would like to maintain healthy routines on holidays but are prevented from doing so. There’s little time for exercise whilst travelling, and often the only refreshments available seem to be junk food. Continue reading “A Break from Routine Needn’t Mean a Break from Your Fitness Holidays”

Wellbeing Retreat: Trends, Sites and How You Can Join

Wellness retreats have been in place for long and have been guided by the desire to rejuvenate the body after periods of prolonged mental and physical stress. Though each retreat program has a well-defined set of activities, there are similarities across the board. The principal activities centre on weight loss, detoxification, strengthening bonds, and fitness. Continue reading “Wellbeing Retreat: Trends, Sites and How You Can Join”

Benefits of a Wellbeing Retreat for Your Mind and Body

Attending a wellbeing retreat will provide many benefits for improving your physical, emotional, and mental health. Indeed, stress doesn’t just affect your mind, but also your body; a retreat will give you valuable “time out” and allow you to recharge. You’ll feel more relaxed, have increased energy, and may also be able to lose a few pounds thanks to the healthy diet and increased activity levels. Continue reading “Benefits of a Wellbeing Retreat for Your Mind and Body”

Wellbeing Retreats Strengthen Family Ties

A family can take time off their busy schedules and go for a wellbeing retreat together. Some fitness holidays don’t have restrictions on the people who can attend, which make them suitable for families. At some point, a break becomes necessary and what better way to rejuvenate than with your family. You wouldn’t have to worry about whom to leave with your kids when going on holiday. It is also a good way to ensure health and wellness for every family member. Continue reading “Wellbeing Retreats Strengthen Family Ties”

Unique Getaways: Wellbeing Retreat

The biggest trends in travel nowadays are fitness holidays. People are looking for ways to go on holiday while getting more out of it. People are worrying more about their health and searching for the means to do something about it.

What happens now is that holiday destinations have activities that improve wellbeing, both mentally and physically. These retreat destinations provide varying lifestyle choices that individuals can adopt even after going back home. Fitness holidays are not just about resting and whiling away the time.

Continue reading “Unique Getaways: Wellbeing Retreat”

Fitness Holidays: Get On the Right Track to Control Self-Indulgence

Do you often want to eat more calories and foods than are required for your health? Self-indulgence can be problematic, for eating excessively can lead to weight gain, increased levels of cholesterol and a host of other negative conditions.

Continue reading “Fitness Holidays: Get On the Right Track to Control Self-Indulgence”