A Break from Routine Needn’t Mean a Break from Your Fitness Holidays

The holidays are often a time when our healthy lifestyle goes out of the window. Sometimes this is a conscious choice, as we relax on a beach rather than exercising, and indulge in treats like ice cream and local dishes. At other times, we would like to maintain healthy routines on holidays but are prevented from doing so. There’s little time for exercise whilst travelling, and often the only refreshments available seem to be junk food.

It’s no wonder so many people return from a holiday feeling tired and stressed, or that travelling can make us more vulnerable to colds and other bugs.

There are actions you can take to ensure you stay healthy on holidays. Bringing your own healthy snacks and drinking plenty of water can keep you fit and well on the journey. Hotels and cruise ships often have a pool and gym, so commit to using these amenities whilst you’re away from home or work.

Another option is to take a break focused around wellbeing. Fitness holidays, for example, make physical activity part of a fun, healthy break that will leave you relaxed and refreshed.

With scheduled activities for every day of your holiday in new and lovely surroundings, you’re sure to stay motivated, and fitness levels climb whilst you enjoy yourself.

You can find fitness holidays all over the world. Generally, they will be in a location that allows you to work out in a peaceful, natural environment. When you’re choosing yours, think about the kind of place you would like to visit. Do you love the rays of the sun, the footprints on the sand, the waves on the sea, or the quiet of a forest? Crave the warmth of the Mediterranean, or prefer a more temperate climate?

A fitness holiday means you can take a break whilst maintaining and increasing your activity levels, returning happy and healthy.


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