Getting into Shape with Fitness Holidays

Most holidays in the U.K. revolve around lurking of extra calories. From jelly doughnuts to chocolates, to eggnog and more, all of them play a significant role in piling extra pounds. Unfortunately, most people do not try to lose the extra pounds gained during the holidays. When that happens, pounds keep adding up every year. That is how holiday weight gain becomes an important factor in adult obesity, type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart diseases, and cancer.

Losing Holiday Weight Gained from Eating

The first and sure way of losing weight is by embracing daily exercise. A ten-minute run or a twenty-minute walk can do the trick. After the holiday, there is always the temptation of wanting to eat more. Whenever you feel hungry; drink water first. Water will help you feel full. Set a list and keep your eating habit goals realistic. The other basic is increasing intensity in workouts. Workouts help you increase your metabolism and get into a fat-burning mode.

Setting up a Fun Holiday while Keeping Fitness in Check

When on holidays, diet and exercise should be kept in check. Compared to a working week, holidays are unstructured. During holidays, more time is spent dining out, sleeping, and drinking, which leaves one with little energy to exercise. This is not to mean that you ought to wake up very early for your gym workouts. It is more of altering exercise and diet regimes that won’t contribute to weight gain. One sure way to avoid weight gain and still have fun during your holiday is to monitor yourself. Ensure that your energy intake does not override your energy expenditure.

Available Fitness Holidays for those with Little Free time

With all the special events, partying, and shopping, a holiday can be overwhelming. Rather than viewing exercise as a time-sucker, it pays to look at it as a relief. Exercise increases the feel-good hormones in the body no matter how short they last. There are many fitness holidays and other wellness programs offered by established companies, and most are given at discounted rates when you intend to go through with the program from start to finish or regularly.


Maintaining your Diet and Exercise Routine during Holidays, My Virtual Medical Centre