Getting into Shape with Fitness Holidays

Most holidays in the U.K. revolve around lurking of extra calories. From jelly doughnuts to chocolates, to eggnog and more, all of them play a significant role in piling extra pounds. Unfortunately, most people do not try to lose the extra pounds gained during the holidays. When that happens, pounds keep adding up every year. That is how holiday weight gain becomes an important factor in adult obesity, type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart diseases, and cancer. Continue reading “Getting into Shape with Fitness Holidays”


Family Wellness Trends, Fitness Holidays, and Other Health Tips

Fitness has become a family affair, and fitness holidays are making that readily achievable. Parents and their children (usually teenagers) can now take part in some popular fitness trends that will benefit everyone. Hiking is one activity that families can participate together during a holiday. Going on a camping trip in the wild that involves a few hiking exercises is an excellent way for family members and even friends to bond as well as keep fit. Outdoor cooking activities are also perfect for building lasting memories and getting everyone on a healthy and natural diet. Fitness retreats in the wild also offer a chance to reconnect with nature, which everyone can enjoy. Continue reading “Family Wellness Trends, Fitness Holidays, and Other Health Tips”

Fitness Holidays as a Honeymoon Getaway?

To most adventurous couples, the word honeymoon does not just mean cocktails and lazing around a luxurious hotel all day. As alluring as the thought of spending an entire day eating and drinking during a honeymoon might seem, spending time in such a sedentary state is not appealing for health-conscious individuals. Fitness holidays are great for creating lifelong memories. Continue reading “Fitness Holidays as a Honeymoon Getaway?”

Wellbeing Retreat: A Good Time to Enjoy Meditating

When is the Right Time to Opt for a Meditation-Centric Wellbeing Retreat?

Stress can affect our bodies, our minds, and our spirits. Often creeping up unexpectedly, there are a few signs that a meditation wellbeing retreat is in order. Some warning signals include a decreased appetite, the inability to sleep well, or frequent mood swings.

How Much Time is Required to Relieve Stress?

The amount of time required to destress will depend on the mindset of the individual. Generally, stress is often dramatically decreased within only a few meditative sessions. This depends upon the openness of the participant as well as the type of meditation that is utilised. Therefore, the answer to this question is rather subjective.
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Fitness Holidays: How Music Influences Your Workout

How Can Music Affect Your Fitness Training?

Fitness training is rewarding and able to provide a number of health benefits; however, are you aware that the addition of music has been shown to increase your physical performance level by as much as 15 per cent during exercise? Additionally, music can help break up any monotony that may otherwise cause boredom and result in lost motivation.

What Types of Music Should You Listen To?

This is a very subjective question and still, most enthusiasts enjoy tunes that are associated with good memories or provide a motivational edge. From classical pieces to modern rock, personal preferences can have a massive impact on one’s performance. In other words, choose any type of music that is associated with energy and positivity.
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A Week Can Get You Fit: What to Expect from Fitness Holidays

How do fitness holidays differ from your ordinary holiday? Fitness holidays offer a variety of excellent activities and fun experiences compared to conventional holidays. Fitness retreats are perfect when looking to get a leaner and stronger body. These retreats vary in intensity and duration. A week is an ideal duration period for a fitness retreat to have optimum impact. Of course, the combination of activities will also vary greatly. For five days, you can engage in vigorous workouts that will cater to every aspect of the body. Continue reading “A Week Can Get You Fit: What to Expect from Fitness Holidays”

A Break from Routine Needn’t Mean a Break from Your Fitness Holidays

The holidays are often a time when our healthy lifestyle goes out of the window. Sometimes this is a conscious choice, as we relax on a beach rather than exercising, and indulge in treats like ice cream and local dishes. At other times, we would like to maintain healthy routines on holidays but are prevented from doing so. There’s little time for exercise whilst travelling, and often the only refreshments available seem to be junk food. Continue reading “A Break from Routine Needn’t Mean a Break from Your Fitness Holidays”

Going on Fitness Holidays and 3 Other Health Trends to Try This 2016

As more people realise the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle despite their busy schedules, more fitness trends to try are conveniently thought up. Much to the relief of those just getting on the bandwagon, these trends make it quite easy to keep up. Here are four of the top fitness trends to try this year. Continue reading “Going on Fitness Holidays and 3 Other Health Trends to Try This 2016”

How Going on Fitness Holidays Might Help You Stay in Better Shape

Healthy living has evolved into one of the most popular and most effective fitness trends today. This constant rise in fame is most likely due to people realising the importance of fitness amidst the rise of obesity in the U.K.

In fact, according to the University of Birmingham, obesity rates are the highest in Europe and are climbing still. This causes some worry to those who are relatively health conscious, hence they think up new ways to stay in better shape. Continue reading “How Going on Fitness Holidays Might Help You Stay in Better Shape”